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Hello internet. I wrote a new story* and you can have it for free. 

See, what happened is I started a newsletter called The Lowdown, so I can tell you when I put out a new book or have a sale, and I thought I'd kick the whole thing off with a free ebook for people who sign up. Here's what you can expect:

1.     Exclusive and free stuff. Like the previously mentioned ebook.
2.    News and updates.
3.   The occasional detour down an unmarked side road.
4.    Cuss words. Because, in the words of storytelling guru Robert McKee, “it pleases me.”

So please. Sign up for the newsletter, and I'll hook you up with an ebook.

*Actually, this story isn't exactly new. I wrote it a few years back. I went to this island in the Caribbean to hang out with my grandparents and I met all these expatriates on sailboats, and I came back with some crazy stories. This is one of them. Sort of. Names and dates and places and many other things have been changed.