A novel from the Untamed State

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Coyote is a hard-hitting noir and modern western, best enjoyed in a cheap roadside motel or in the corner booth of a dim dive bar with whiskey.

Montezuma. The Untamed State. True now more than ever, since the Thunderbird Highway closed and civilization fled. Now Montezuma is a ghost state, a haven for the lawless where only the most savage thrive.

Mai is on the run from the law herself, driving down the abandoned highway through the desert, to the mountains where she was born. When her Bronco breaks down in the near-dead town of Maquina, she quickly makes several ruthless enemies trying to get back on the road. She also makes one friend, a laid-back bartender whose easy charm threatens to distract her from what she means to do. Mai is tough and she’s smart, but is that enough to get back on the road and survive the Untamed State?