A draft of Neon Canyon's finished and Coyote's on sale

Pickup Coyote on Kindle for one dollar minus one cent (or a pound minus a penny, in the UK).

Check it out guys, I’ve just finished a draft of Coyote’s follow up, Neon Canyon. Which—for the time being—puts me in a good mood.

Such a good mood, I’ve decided to discount Coyote from $3.99 to $0.99 for the next week.

So if you’ve been interested, but not $3.99 worth of interested, now's the time to pull the trigger on my misanthropic quickie of a novel.

It's great summer reading! (If you like your summer reading soaked in plenty of blood and tequila.) It’s the most fun you can have in a night without waking up in a jail cell the next morning, and it’ll cost you a hell of a lot less.

Click below to buy it, and tell your friends

Oh, hi. Are you still here? Are you actually interested in hearing news about Neon Canyon, the follow up to Coyote? Don’t get too excited. Notice I said before that I finished a draft. What this means basically is that now I've got to rewrite this thing. What comes next is pure hell. I’ll start to realize how none of it works and that I’ve left open all sorts of plot holes. And then I’ll have to spend a lot of time fixing it, and trying to keep myself from just lighting the whole thing on fire.

Those pristine white pages you see in the photo above? Those are going to bleed red like one of my more unfortunate characters.

So yeah, Neon Canyon isn’t coming out anytime soon. Maybe 2017.

Until then, buy Coyote, read it, review it, tell your friends about it.